Sight Archer TSA-5/55

A model verified by years of service and by many satisfied customers

ARCHER TSA 5/55 – Proven model by many satisfied customers. Simple, reliable, with an ergonomic design and high performance – this provides hunters an unquestioned advantage in the toughest conditions – in total darkness, smoke, fog, snow or heavy rain. Built-in recording module enables you to capture and retain the most interesting moments of the hunt.

Efficient range according to the growth of a human figure:
Detector: 336, 640; Lens: 55
ARCHER is a thermal-vision sighting rifle scope. Thanks to its properties it is designed to be used in demanding climatic conditions and limited visibility – for example, in total darkness, smoke, fog, snow or in heavy rain. For the ultimate target identification you can also use one of the many inverse display modes. The rifle scope is equipped with a highly sensitive passive detection of Longwave Infrared Radiation (LWIR) with high resolution and sensitivity – 17μ Vox sensor provided by FLIR Systems, Inc. Thanks to several versions of lenses you can choose your rifle scope exactly according to your needs. The sight is equipped with 55mm (F/1.0) lens, which ensures a perfect imaging. The rifle scope can be delivered with a sensor with a resolution of 336×256 or 640×512 and the frame rate 9 Hz or 30 Hz. Color AMOLED display with high resolution (800×600) ensures a bright, contrasting and a sharp displayed image. The rifle scope is equipped with plenty of features, all parameters can be changed in real time on the display – from reticles to the possibility of selecting the type of weapon, caliber, ammunition, ballistic curves and color schemes. It also allows selection of up to 18 user profiles. The device has a built-in 8 GB of memory and the ability to capture videos and images. All Archer rifle scopes are equipped with an adjustable presence sensor that automatically turns off the screen when you do not have a rifle scope near your face. Users will certainly enjoy the choice of the inverse mapping reticle for quick and accurate shooting. After connecting the rifle scope to your computer our supplied software for Archer products can easily modify user profiles, create and upload their own ballistics through the scope, create aiming reticle, change any settings and update rifle scope firmware etc. The rifle scope body is made of special high-impact material that meets resistance norm IP 67 criteria, it resists corrosion and is filled with an inert gas. Control buttons are placed so that they cannot be pressed accidentally. Also there is a universal waterproof connector for data transfer, video output and programming of the device. The rifle scope can be powered either by a rechargeable battery or by standard AA batteries. The rechargeable battery can be replaced immediately by touch. The rechargeable battery has its own connector which allows separate charging.

  • Uploadable reticles with automatic contrast-reversing and dimensional scaling;
  • Ballistic corrections;
  • Electronic horizont level;
  • Profiles for different types of weapons and ammunition;
  • Multifunctional built-in module for photo and video recording;
  • USB interface for information exchange, device control, and programming;
  • Digital x2 and x4 zoom;
  • Different color palettes for the image improving;
  • Ambient and proximity sensors;
  • Manual and automatic calibration;
  • Outgoing composite video output;
  • Remote control.
Resolution 324 х 256 336 х 256 640 х 512
Pixel Pitch 25µ 17µ
Spectral Range 7,5-13,5 µm
Sensitivity <100mK <50mK
Relative Aperture
Field of view
6.0° x 4.7° .6.0° x 4.8° 11° x 9.0°
Focus range
5m ? ? 8m ? ? 8m ? ?
Eye relief 50 mm
Dioptric adjustment of ocular lens -6 ? +2
Refreshing 9-25 Hz (PAL) 8-30 Hz (NTSC)
Video-output PAL or NTSС, Programmable
Display, resolution AMOLED, 800 x 600
Interface type USB, CAN, Wi-Fi
Number of the downloaded aiming marks Up to 20, with the ability to edit and upload
Operational parameters
Start-up time 2s
Operating temperature range -40°C to +55°C
Premissible shock value 300g
Battaries work time
6 / 8 h 8 / 10 h
Dimensions (without eye-cup)
Weight without batteries

The device is delivered in a sealed high-impact case with a set of necessary accessories:

  • 6 AA batteries;
  • Rechargeable cassette;
  • Power adaptor;
  • Car adaptor;
  • Video output/power input connector adaptor;
  • USB cable;
  • Wrist strap;
  • Manual;
  • Bag;
  • Case.
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