Review Camera TVC-3

An updated model of TVC-2 with built in laser rangefinder

TVC-3 camera has been designed especially for mounting on vehicles (cars, boats), and significantly helps to improve driving safety in poor weather conditions. TVC-3 can also be used as a security camera or as a search device mounted on any type of transport. Unlike TVC-2 it is also equipped with a laser rangefinder with a range up to 1km.

Efficient range according to the growth of a human figure:
Detector: 324; Lens: 35


The built-in display or an external screen is used as a display device – depending on the chosen option.

This set is intended as an additional device for increased traffic safety, or as a security camera.

The device has a built-in laser distance meter which allows you to accurately measure the distance of the detected object. The device is mounted on the rotating magnetic holder which allows rapid assembly and disassembly. The camera can also be mounted permanently.

There are two available remotes – either the compact controller or a controller which is to be mounted on the dashboard – with bigger buttons.

The camera is rotatable 360 ° horizontally and 90 ° vertically. The camera is available in black or in white.


  • 2 and 4 x digital zoom;
  • Different color schemes for improving the perception of the image;
  • Manual and automatic calibration of the detector


Fixed-focus lens, with focal length of 35mm and relative aperture F / 1,2 is used in the camera.


Resolution 320 х 240
Spectral Range 8-14 μm
Sensitivity 0.1 ºС
Field of view 36 º х 27 º
Refreshing 9 Hz/30Hz
Maximum measurable dastance 1000m
Power supply 6 – 16 V
Operating temperature range -40ºС 80 ºС
Dimensions 150 x 200 x 120 mm
Weight 1.5 kg

Delivery set

  • Survey camera mounted in pan-tilt system;
  • Display;
  • Wireless remote control;
  • Connecting cables.
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