Review Camera TVC-2

A thermal camera designed for vehicle mounting or for the security of premises

TVC-2 camera has been designed especially for mounting on vehicles (cars, boats), and significantly helps to improve driving safety in poor weather conditions. TVC-3 can also be used as a security camera or as a search device mounted on any type of transport.

Efficient range according to the growth of a human figure:
Detector: 324; Lens: 35


The built-in display or an external screen is used as a display device – depending on the chosen option.

This set is intended as an additional device for increased traffic safety, or as a security camera.

The device is mounted on the rotating magnetic holder which allows rapid assembly and disassembly. The camera can also be mounted permanently.

There are two available remotes – either the compact controller or a controller which is to be mounted on the dashboard – with bigger buttons.

The camera is rotatable 360 ° horizontally and 90 ° vertically. The camera is available in black or in white.


  • 2 and 4 x digital zoom;
  • Different color schemes for improving the perception of the image;
  • Manual and automatic calibration of the detector;


Fixed-focus lens, with focal length of 35mm and relative aperture F / 1,2 is used in the camera.


Resolution 320 х 240
Spectral Range 8-14 μm
Sensitivity 0.1 ºС
Field of view 36 º х 27 º
Refreshing 9 Hz/30Hz
Power supply 6 – 16 V
Operating temperature range -40ºС 80 ºС
Dimensions 150 x 200 x 120 mm
Weight 1.35 kg

Delivery Set

  • Survey camera mounted in pan-tilt system;
  • Display;
  • Wireless remote control;
  • Connecting cables.
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