Compact thermal imaging clip-on

A compact pre-lens thermal imaging clip-on ARCHER TCN-11 is intended for use with daylight optical sights.
The frequence of a daylight sight is from 3x to 8x. It is difficult to overestimate the ease of use of this device
paired with daytime optics: now a day sight is always on a rifle, and high image quality allows to solve tasks even
in extreme weather conditions not breaking the adjustment of an optical sight.
Fixed focus of the objective relieves from the necessity of image focusing. A clip-on can be controlled by remote control which also serves as an external power supply. The device is equipped with a quick detached mount on a Picatinny rail. Power is supplied via 4 AA type batteries (lithium batteries or rechargeable batteries).



Sight Archer TSA-11

The lightest of our rifle scopes, no focus needed – perfect for quick shooting

ARCHER TSA-11 – We have reduced the weight and size to a minimum for the ARCHER TSA-11 rifle scope. This sighting rifle scope is available in two versions – one with 55 mm lens with manual focus option or a 40 mm lens with fixed-focus. The rifle scope has a multi-position switch that lets you turn the device immediately to one of your preset modes, or alternatively quickly switch between them. All this allows you to rapidly and swiftly shoot at the target.



Sight Archer TSA-9/75

A flagship of our rifle scopes for the most demanding customers

ARCHER TSA-9/75 – Is the flagship device in our scope of products. There is no obstacle such as bad weather or complete darkness for precise shooting at extreme distances. Advanced features and new software are the ideal accessories for a perfect and successful hunt.

Sight Archer TSA-9/50

The bestseller TSA-9 series

ARCHER TSA-9/50 – Is the new rifle scope model, because of its size, weight and compactness it is the best-selling model in the series of TSA-9. High optical performance combined with mechanical strength and reliability of the focal mechanism make the TSA-9/50 the perfect choice for hunters and professionals.

Sight Archer TSA-9/55

An economic version of TSA-9/50 is suitable for long trips in difficult terrain

ARCHER TSA-9/55 – Is the new rifle scope model that is an economical version of the TSA-9 / 50. Due to its weight it is ideal for hunting in difficult terrain. Built-in recording module allows you to caputure and keep the best moments of the hunt.

Sight Archer TSA-5/55

A model verified by years of service and by many satisfied customers

ARCHER TSA 5/55 – Proven model by many satisfied customers. Simple, reliable, with an ergonomic design and high performance – this provides hunters an unquestioned advantage in the toughest conditions – in total darkness, smoke, fog, snow or heavy rain. Built-in recording module enables you to capture and retain the most interesting moments of the hunt.