Binocular Archer TBX-8/75

An advanced version of TGA-4 with improved laser system

ARCHER TGX 8 is an advanced version of the model TGA 4. This binocular is equipped with a laser rangefinder with a wavelength of 1550nm, therefore this device is much more efficient than conventional meters. The measurable distance as well as operation during inclement weather – fog, snow or rain is unaffected. The device is also equipped with a presence sensor and the ability to charge the battery directly in the binocular.

Binocular Archer TBA-4/75

A binocular with a rangefinder and capability to show the smallest details

ARCHER TBA 4/75 – Thermal imaging binoculars with integrated laser rangefinder. The device enables a sharp identification of a long distance objects, it also enables an accurate realization of the target range. The device also has the possibility of measuring the azimuth and the elevation angle. With plenty of useful features, brilliant lens, high resolution and ergonomic design these binoculars will certainly satisfy the most demanding user.

Binocular Archer TBA-4/55

A lightened TBA-4, the bestseller

Binocular Archer TBA-4 – A modern, compact monitoring device. This device is equipped with an integrated laser distance meter. With a high-performance optical system and advanced features with an ergonomic design makes this equipment essential for a wide range of use.

Binocular Archer TBA-3/75

Classic compact binocular with a 75 mm lens

Binocular Archer TBA-3/75 is a modern, compact monitoring device. Cutting-edge optics, a wide range of functions and ergonomic design make this device the perfect partner not only for hunters.


Binocular Archer TBA-3/55

Classic compact binocular with a 55 mm lens

ARCHER TBA-3/55 is designed to be used in demanding climatic conditions and with limited visibility – for example, in total darkness, smoke, fog, snow or in heavy rain.

Binocular Archer TBA-3/35

The lightest in our binocular series, ideal for a wide range of use

ARCHER TBA-3/35 is very suitable for mounting on a headband due to its size. In addition to being used by hunters, it can also be used by firefighters and emergency services.