Monocular Archer TMA-30

Ideal weight, size na power are the key features of this best selling TMA

ARCHER TMA-30 – A compact thermal imaging monocular in a shockproof and waterproof body. Small size and weight, user-friendly control with the option of attaching to a helmet or headband plus a tripod holder – all this ensures wide flexibility of the device. Archer TMA-30 is designed to be used by hunters and emergency services. It is also widely used for diagnostics development and control of industrial facilities and buildings.

Efficient range according to the growth of a human figure:
Detector: 336, 640; Lens: 30


The monocular is equipped with a highly sensitive detector of Longwave Infrared Radiation (LWIR) provided by FLIR Systems, Inc.; a high-quality lens with focal length of 30 mm (F / 1.2) with manual focus and an eyepiece with diopter adjustment. The device optics displays the object “one to one” without any zooming and distortion which makes the device operation comfortable to use while walking or in a moving vehicle. The device has a built-in colored AMOLED display with high resolution. There is possibility to display the device operational status, the currently selected mode, and the battery status. Several preconfigured color schemes allows to select the most appropriate mode for rapid and accurate identification of the detected object. The body of monocular is shockproof and meets the resistance norm IP 67 criteria. The device is easy to operate with the controls ideally placed for maneuver. The device is powered by two CR123A batteries. The monocular also has a composite video output, an external power supply and USB interface. .

The device has:

  • Fixed digital 2x and 4x zoom;
  • Automatic and manual adjustment of brightness and contrast of the image

Depending on modification, the device may also be equipped with:

  • LED flashlight;
  • Universal mount (one or two).


  • Compact, light weight
  • FLIR System, Inc. detectors
  • Display AMOLED of high resolution
  • Special produced ocular, optimized for the display
  • Waterproof body of high-impact plastic resisting the impact and corrosive environment
  • External power supply
  • Hand strap to hold the device
  • Standart fastening to the face-mask or on a photographic tripod
  • Device’s fast start and ready to use
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Meet IP-67


Resolution 324 х 256 336 х 256 640 х 512
Pixel Pitch 25µ 17µ
Spectral Range 7,5-13,5 µm
Sensitivity <100mK <50mK
30 mm
Relative Aperture
Field of view
13° x 10° 9.5° x 7° 18° x 14°
Focus range
5m ÷ ∞ 8m ÷ ∞ 8m ÷ ∞
Eye relief 25 mm
Dioptric adjustment of ocular lens -6 ÷ +2
Refreshing 9-25 Hz (PAL) 8-30 Hz (NTSC)
Video-output PAL or NTSС, Programmable
Display, resolution AMOLED, 800 x 600
Interface type USB
Operational parameters
Start-up time 2s
Operating temperature range -40°C to +55°C
Battaries work time
Dimensions (without eye-cup)
Weight without batteries

Delivery Set

The device is delivered in a sealed high-impact case with a set of necessary accessories:

  • Monocular ARCHER TMA-30
  • Video output/External power supply adaptor
  • USB interface cable
  • Hand Strap
  • Manual
  • Bag
  • Case
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